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​WELCOME ​to the Barefoot Bay Senior Softball League© website.

Located in beautiful Barefoot Bay, Florida on the central east coast of the state. Barefoot Bay is the largest manufactured home community in the state of Florida. It is located entirely within the unincorporated community of Micco on the Indian River Lagoon in southern Brevard county.

The senior softball league was started in 1982 with 2 teams and continues to this day. There are approximately 150 members consisting of snowbirds from all over the USA and Canada as well as permanent Floridians. The league starts in the fall and ends in late March, but the permanent residents practice throughout the year. 

The league is open to all interested softball enthusiasts, male or female, over the age of 58 (men) and 55 (women) that commit to good sportsmanship, camaraderie and consistent attendance.

I greatly appreciate our Board of Trustees and our Community Manager Kent Chichon for their support of our softball league.

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Happy Birthday Jack! You are now older than the steam engine

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Getting another set of teeth would be much more useful at 60 than at age 6.

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